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Across Australia, one of the biggest challenges to building green hydrogen capacity is the skilled workforce that will be needed

Find out what it’s like to work for a company with more than nine hundred employees committed to the challenge of transforming the future through clean energy. We´re looking for team players with initiative who are committed to their workd and constantly in the search of professional challenges.

Expand their Training

Major opportunities are available for regional centres to expand their training and education sectors – including secondary school, trade upskilling and tertiary education – to equip the workers and organisations in these sectors with the specialised skills and knowledge to work with hydrogen and its derivatives.

Green Hydrogen Skills

Federal and State governments know that investment in green hydrogen skills and capacity is key to Australia’s plans to decarbonise and to realise the enormous economic opportunity that green hydrogen industry represents.


Regional centres that move to establish themselves as centres of excellence for green hydrogen-related skills development, training and education will be well-placed to realise the benefits – providing long-term, high-value employment opportunities in green hydrogen for their indigenous communities and their young people.

Re-skill/up-skill WORKFORCES

In regions where generations of workers, graduates and professional people fave built careers and families around fossil fuel industry, the opportunities are to use Solarig´s green hydrogen projects as part of the infrastructure to re-skill and up-skill their workforces and attract new regional industries, built around the availability of green bhydrogen.

Relevant skills and capabilities

Regional Australia boasts a wide range of relevant skills and capabilities for the green hydrogen industry, such as:

  • Water supply, water treatment and purification

  • High-voltage and medium voltage electrical systems and network

  • Low-voltage electrical systems and equipment

  • Gas pipelines, gas distribution, compression and storage

  • Chemical and gas bulk transportation and storage

  • Civil engineering, earthmoving and construction

  • Commodities handling, storage and clearing

  • Safety, hazard and risk management

  • Rail and heavy haulage maintenance and operations

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Please contact us if you are a landholder interested to know what green hydrogen development could mean for earnings from your land, if you are a major gas or fuel user looking to reduce carbon emissions and stabilise fuel costs,  or just to find out more about our team and work in Australia.