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Green hydrogen projects can provide important, sustainable revenue for farms

Agreeing to lease part of your farm for solar power and green hydrogen production can diversify, stabilise and secure long-term revenues from your core farming operation. With droughts in roughly 10 years cycles, and climate change causing more climatic extremes and volatility, lease revenue from green hydrogen production could sustain revenues through 3 to 4 droughts and volatility in commodity prices.

What’s in it for me and my family?

In the immediate term, option fees – paid annually in advance – provide additional revenue while the option continues. Then, once the lease commences, the lease rents help to diversify the farm´s revenues and provide a stable and secure income source for the long term. It can help future generations continue the familýs farming legacy.

It also helps bolster the income that banks include for loan serviceability; very useful at times when you need to access additional working capital, or upgrade capital equipment and infrastructure on the farm.


What is this going to cost me?

A small amount of your time and attention, to think through and review our proposal, and to meet with us and our representatives onsite – on days and times that suit you. To make it easy for you to get legal advice on the arrangements, if discussions result in execution of an option to lease, we will reimburse up to $10,000 of your legal costs.

Can I graze cattle or sheep under the panels?

Sheep and poultry yes. Solarig would work with you to develop a suitable grazing plan and any biosecurity measures once the solar farm is up and running.

Cattle are more challenging because the panels and supporting posts can become accidental enrichment devices. This is great for the animals but not so for the panels. Unfortunately the structures aren’t designed to cope with large animals rubbing against them, and the redesign and construction costs makes our project less viable.


Can I keep using the land during the option period?

Yes, absolutely. You can continue to use the land as you did before. The option allows Solarig secure the site and includes a licence so that we can carry out onsite investigations and get development approvals, etc. Naturally we will give you as much notice as possible when we or our contractors intend to visit.


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