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Community engagement and ESG actions

Climate Action sustainable development goal is key for us and we are committed to photovoltaic generation as a viable, sustainable and profitable solution for our planet. When we take time to learn, innovate and collaborate, we do it with a clear purpose – to have a sustainable impact. We have the openness and flexibility to co-create, based on our unique competencies for an impact that is larger than ourselves.

Community First

The landholder agreements have been developed to balance the interests of the landholders and the developer. We have put in place an innovative revenue sharing arrangement and ownership model that delivers benefits to near neighbors and the broader community. Our team is committed to maintaining a close relationship with the community throughout the development, construction and operation stages of the project. In order to deliver on our vision and commitment, we will keep stakeholders informed as the project develops.


We address the importance of the Local Content in every area we work and take full advantage of the synergies that local resources always offer generating employment and making communities grow. Solarig combines central capabilities spread across our European offices with local collaborative development teams and contractors, ensuring community engagement and project adaptation to local conditions, as well as promoting local job and value creation. Solarig is engaged from project development to operation, from the start and for decades to come.


Please contact us if you are a landholder interested to know what green hydrogen development could mean for earnings from your land, if you are a major gas or fuel user looking to reduce carbon emissions and stabilise fuel costs,  or just to find out more about our team and work in Australia.